Sarah Heller is a Kentucky artist/California-licensed architect painting full-time at the Bread Box Studio Artists space in Lexington, Kentucky. Architecture and painting to her are synonymous. She received her Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Architecture degrees from the University of Kentucky and has worked in the field internationally, in the process embracing the necessity of incorporating sustainable materials and practices into our built environment.  She now applies these lessons and materials in her work as a visual artist, based out of her studio in Lexington.  Since the summer of 2012 she has dedicated her passion for painting as a full-time career. Her work has been exhibited in California and Kentucky.  She also offers programs on sustainability in life and art to groups of all ages.

While practicing architecture as a career in LA for the past 9 years she has always painted privately. The waste of construction sites and her walks to work in West LA produce an endless supply of found objects that will inevitably end up in her art. She will often come home from a job site with paint samples, materials, or any discarded object that she finds beautiful. Heller creates a painting simultaneous to her projects in construction. She is innately drawn to color, whether it’s in choosing color palettes for a client or mixing her own pigments with minerals and dirt for a unique color on a canvas. Heller’s main focus in her current body of work is centered on using the principles proportion, composition, and color in combination with found objects to create a newfound aesthetic appreciation for their proportions and beauty, as well as an awareness of their disposability within American culture. Material sustainability is both her passion and cause as it relates to both art and architecture and often lectures on the topic.